Sunday, July 18, 2010

Amazing Grilled Pizza

With the beginning of summer, I began to explore my curiosity with grilled pizza. Finally tonight we had the opportunity to grill, but with a lack of desire for meat lately we decided it was time to conquer the pizza! What was our sweet victory reward??? Stone oven style pizza with amazing flavor and texture. So gather up all the necessities, get organized, light the grill and enjoy!

The necessities...
Pizza dough (my dough recipe is further down the blog if you are in need of a good homemade dough recipe)
All the desired toppings layed out and easy to access (sauce, cheese, vegies, garlic oil etc)
Large metal spatula to remove finished pizza


     Seperate dough into individual servings. Roll dough out to the desired thickness. The dough will puff up, so if you want a thinner pizza definitely roll out very thinly. Place dough onto grill and don't move until it begins to brown and moves off the grill easily. Flip the dough and then top with any desired toppings. Close the lid and allow to bake in the grill until cheese is melted. It's good to check once in a while with a gas grill to avoid charring from the open flame. Turn down heat if the crust is darkening too quickly. Remove pizza onto desired cutting surface.    

                                Hubby and I had SO much fun doing this together.